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Posted 4/3

I am enquiring for a friend because she isn’t a native English speaker and is a busy working mom.
She has a very sweet bright teenage boy (age 14) in 8th grade. They live in Brighton MA His disorganization and lack of motivation is getting in his way even though he is bright and he’s getting unmotivated about doing well. His mom would love a homework tutor who has a friendly, lively,”cool” style that would help get her teen on board and motivated to use his planner and focus in on homework and learn to manage his organizational needs etc. Preferably someone with training in helping kids with ADD who is NON shaming, positive, VERY Patient, with a calm demeanor and encouraging.
Seeking a kind ,friendly education student interested in making a REAL difference in this boy’s trajectory. Mom is a super sweet and very bright lady from Guatemala who I know because she was the kindest and most skilled person who helped me take care of my mom who was in hospice care dying at home. I would love to help her out by finding a really great helper for her beloved child. A great guy would be a great role model for this young fellow so do apply, male or female.
If you are interested please call me at 617 894 3125. References will be needed.


Posted 4/3

The Cadigan Alumni Center is seeking students to work Reunion Weekend from June 1st- June 3rd! Students will assist with the setup, registration, delivery of supplies, and breakdown of various events, while also having the opportunity to interact with alumni. Interested? Fill out an application here: For questions please contact [email protected].


Posted 4/3

A Melrose family is looking for an education student to help with Summer childcare for their three children.  The children are 4 years, 2 years and 5 months, with one child having special needs.  Two working parents are looking for assistance for roughly 45 hours per week, Monday through Friday.  The student would need to have his/her own car and be able to transport the oldest child who attends school part time.  If interested please contact Leanne at (973) 727-1564 or [email protected].


Posted 3/13

A team of education researchers at Boston University and TERC are looking for a project manager to support our new grant work, funded by the McDonnell Foundation:

The project manager job description and application process can be found here:

Please contact Lynsey Gibbons if you have any questions: [email protected]


Posted 2/28

I am looking for the right individual to help my adult sister with various activities on a part-time basis. She has developmental disabilities and lives in a group home within walking distance from the BC campus. She spends her days at a crafts workshop for handicapped adults. She has a delightful personality and a warm heart.
My sister is quite an artist and a poet. I am looking for someone who can help her to work with social media, develop a webpage that includes her artwork and poetry, and spend time getting to know her.  I am mostly interested in somebody who can spend a little bit of time with her on a regular basis for a prolonged time, and develop a good relationship. Hours, schedule, activities  and pay and are all negotiable.
Please contact me for any questions.
Thank you
Josiah “Jody” Rich, MD, MPH
Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology
Brown University
The Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights
The Miriam Hospital