Boston College Graduate Education Association

About the GEA

GEA Board 2021-2022

Executive Officers
President – Kelly Mahalik
Vice President for Communications – Hillary Lynch
Vice President for Operations – Analisa Fazio

Committee Chairs
Online Representative Committee – Lucia Calderon
Academic Committee – Stephen Carpenter & Madeline Durkin
Service & Diversity Committee – Juan Rascon & Gabby Marzopan
Student Life Committee – Maddi Morrow & Nicole Rivera


The Graduate Education Association (GEA) is the representative body for graduate students in the Lynch School of Education (LSOE) and is a branch of the larger Graduate Student Association (GSA) who serves all graduate students at BC.

The GEA is comprised of three committees:

Academic  |  Service & Diversity  |  Student Life

Committees work independently and collaboratively to plan programs and events for LSOE students throughout the year. Many of these events are fun and social, but many are aimed to provide learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Event planning is not the only function of the GEA. Through the organization, LSOE students may apply for financial grants to help cover the costs associated with attending and/or presenting at conferences. Through this service the GEA seeks to promote the professional development of its students and bolster the academic reputation of the Lynch School and Boston College. More information about funding can be found on the Conference Grants page.



The GEA aims to build a strong community through engagement with faculty and students, intellectual opportunities, and social and service events. Specifically, the GEA aims to promote:

Community Building – Through effective communication, the GEA can and should promote a community of graduate students that mirrors the community of scholars developed by the faculty in the Lynch School of Education.

Advocacy for Graduate Students – The GEA President and Advisory Board is charged with representing to the administration the concerns of all students in the Lynch School, particularly regarding the administration’s commitment to supporting its graduate students. The GEA seeks to provide an information link among the Boston College community, the LSOE administration, and all graduate students in the LSOE, and through this link, provide resources for professional and intellectual development.

Unity Among Students and Faculty – The GEA should strive to facilitate greater student/faculty personal contact, which has been shown to enhance student learning. These relationships also serve as the basis to develop and nurture important professional relationships.

Service to the BC Community and Beyond – Research shows that one of the most significant factors contributing to a student’s learning is increased levels of involvement both inside and outside the classroom. The GEA provides experiential learning through service to the BC community and the greater Boston community. As current and future educators, we seek to echo the mission of the Lynch School by working to “enhance the human condition, to expand the human imagination, and to make the world more just.”

Professional Development – Through speaker series, research presentation forums, career development seminars, conference grant funding, informal gatherings and a wide variety of other events and activities, the GEA creates opportunities for students to develop and nurture the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for graduate students to succeed as current and future educators of our world.