Boston College Graduate Education Association

Board of Directors

The GEA Board of Directors consists of 3 Lynch School of Education graduate student members who simultaneously serve as a Chair for one of three committees within the GEA (Academic, Service & Diversity, and Student Life) as well as the graduate student representative from their department within the Lynch School. The Board of Directors works closely with the GEA Executive Board (President, VP of Communications, and VP of Operations) to plan, implement, and evaluate all GEA-related activities during the academic year.


  • Serve as chair on one of the three GEA Committees (Academic, Service & Diversity, or Student Life) and work to achieve the committee’s objectives as determined by the co-chairs and the GEA Executive Board at the start of the academic year.
  • Serve as a graduate student representative for your department within LSOE and facilitate communication between faculty (especially the department chair) and the GEA.
  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors by attending mandatory bi-weekly Board Meetings, collaborate with members of other committees to plan and execute events, and perform tasks assigned by the GEA Executive Board.
  • Participate, lead, and organize with the Board of Director members and E-board monthly meetings that are open to all Lynch School students to voice their suggestions about programming and events.
  • Communicate, plan, and execute events with your co-chair, with input from the other Board of Director members and the student body.
  • Chairs are expected to be present for ALL events their individual committee sponsors as personal schedule allows.  If conflicts arise, chair members are expected to contact the GEA President well in advance of the event.
  • They are also strongly encouraged to attend all GEA events, schedule permitting.


Each appointed program representative/committee co-chair will receive two (4) credits of tuition remission (2 credit allocated for the fall and spring semester) and a $130/month stipend ($1,040 total for the year) for serving on the GEA Board of Directors during the academic year. Please note that we may only provide this financial support to 1 program representative from each of the 6 LSOE graduate programs:

  • Educational Leadership (EL)
  • Higher Education (HE)
  • Applied Developmental & Educational Psychology (ADEP)
  • Counseling Psychology (Mental Health or School Counseling) (CDEP)
  • Teacher Education, Special Education, Curriculum & Instruction (TESECI)
  • Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation (ERME)

Although the goal is to have one student serve as a chair from each program, students from the same graduate program may still participate on the GEA Board of Directors.

The term of appointment begins August 30th and ends May 31st.


5 hours per week or 20 hours per month.