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My husband and I are looking for someone to help take care of our boys (Evan – 8 and Alden – 5) starting in September. We live in Needham and our public schools are opening on a hybrid schedule, so the boys will be in school one week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) and home the next. They will also be home every single Wednesday as that is the day that the schools get deep cleaned.

We will need more help the weeks the boys are home versus the weeks the boys are in the school building:
– On the weeks the boys are home, we’ll be helping them with their school work in the mornings, and need childcare in the afternoons (M-F, 1:30 – 5:30PMish, but can be flexible with hours).
– On the weeks the boys are in school, we think we’ll need help 8ish hours per week in the afternoons (W, and another afternoon TBD with sitter).

Here is a little bit more about us: We’re hoping to find someone who will really engage and play with our two, active boys. They like to ride bikes around the neighborhood, play soccer in the yard, pretend to play Star Wars with Legos, read books and be read to, run through sprinklers, etc. We’d also be happy to have a sitter who takes them on “adventures” like getting ice cream downtown (we pay!) or taking them on a local hiking trail.

Because of COVID-19, my husband and I will generally be working from home. I do public policy and advocacy at the MA Association for Mental Health. My husband is an internal medicine physician and researcher at Boston Medical Center. To be completely transparent about our risk related to COVID-19, my husband sees patients every Tuesday afternoon. One Tuesday per month, he sees patients in-person at his outpatient clinic; all of the other Tuesdays he sees them virtually by phone. When he works in the outpatient clinic, the patients are screened by questionnaire and by temperature check, and Marc wears both a mask and a face shield. The risk of him contracting COVID-19 is very low (he actually feels safer in the clinic than in the grocery store!), but I wanted to be upfront as our family situation is unique. Otherwise, we have been strict about social distancing and are looking for a sitter/nanny who is as well.

I think the only other things to know about our family are that we have an indoor cat named Sampson, who sleeps most of the day but occasionally makes an appearance for treats. Because of the hours of this job, we might please need help feeding the boys snack.

We’re hoping to find someone who is active and engages with kids, fun and creative, kind, very reliable, and values safety. If you are interested in the job, please let me know. Thank you!

Contact: Jessica Larochelle, [email protected]


Looking For A Nanny To Guide A Few Kindergartners In Remote Learning + Fun Activities!

Starting Monday, September 21, 2020 or ASAP

Job description

We’d love a babysitter or part-time nanny to guide 2 Kindergarten students while they do remote learning + play after school hours. The person in this role will help the kiddos with their online learning but also provide engaging non-screen activities (art, physical activity, and play) during free time. This will be in 2 different Milton homes while the parents work at home in another room. The role will involve light meal/snack prep and cleanup. Core days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8-5, with some flexibility for adjusted hours on those days, and more hours on Monday or Friday if desired. We have a new puppy coming at the end of September; the parents will care for the puppy but this person is more than welcome to play! (Puppy is no-shed and does not activate my husband’s allergies, if that’s a concern.)

Contact: Nina Culbertson, [email protected]


–        2 children, 5 years in Milton, MA

–        Starts: Mon, Sep 21, 2020, or ASAP

–        Hours:

o   Mon 11am-5pm (Optional)

o   Tue 8am-5pm (Flexible end time if necessary)

o   Wed 8am-5pm (Flexible end time if necessary)

o   Thu 8am-5pm  (Flexible end time if necessary)

** If you have evening classes starting at 4:30, let’s talk and figure out a schedule that works for all of us!

–        Pay: $20-25/hour